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Videos Without Glasses

New: Eassee3D-frame kit comes to the IFA after Germany with a click: 3D videos without glasses on the iPhone! We have expanded the successful Eassee3D system for viewing 3D videos on the iPhone”explains managing director Wolfgang Zint BFN. In addition to the since early July available iPhone 3D upgrade kit with an Eassse3D on the display will foil, there to… (more…)


“” “” “Why Apple has covered itself with the new iPhone 5 not with glory one carries out a simple survey, like one on the subject of Smartphone” stands, then it meets usually on all possible impressions, ranging from everyday life easing “and there is no (longer) without” up there to makes people lazy “or Prollmaschine”. Yes to everything, if… (more…)

IPad Pictionary

In the app store: guess song by beingoo guess song: the first “app” by beingoo yet anybody remember “Pictionary”? This was a very successful show concept in public television, for the younger ones among us: Michael Schanze was the moderator, Helmit Kohl Chancellor and on iPhone and iPad was still not thinking. “The idea was however well and preserved: A… (more…)

Google Smartphone

Different Smartphone test results are provided and clearly show the advantages but also the disadvantages which are not to be found on the manufacturer pages. The Smartphone market is developing at a rapid speed, can be stopped by nothing. The cell phones placed today on the market are obsolete again in principle because the technology always continues forward. Extensions in… (more…)

New IPhone App Green Address

Green Software AG launches iPhone app to the contact management with CRM functionalities. The Aachener Green Software AG offers interfaces to their own product series GRuN VEWA and Outlook, Excel & co. Aachen, 10.12.2012 – a new app for the iPhone to the address and contact management. The green address Pro”app allows different CRM functionality such as single and multiple… (more…)

Mini Wave Heights Climb

Kanoo advanced production program F -, FE -, and FB wave the Bavarian sheet feeder plant of Kanoo group has expanded its product range to the F-wave, the so-called mini wave, and the combinations of f with – and B-flute. Meet the family business of trends in the packaging industry. The packaging should be ecologically sustainable and yet stand out… (more…)

Income Tax Tips Australia: Suggestions For Australian Income Tax

It is important feature of the modern world that individuals and organizations, in every financial year, are to submit income tax return for the year. The income tax, in Australia like all other countries, is fixed on the basis of the year specific of the earning finance. Income tax, for any business organization or for any company that is fixed… (more…)

Long Highway

Due to the high gasoline prices, two-wheelers are booming. And the sales figures make it clear, more and more get on a scooter or a great scooter. Motor scooters are hard on the rise. The demand for especially large scooters. They offer not only an optimal driving comfort but can impress by their performance. Whether on Long Highway trips, weekend… (more…)

Lauer Direct Successfully On The KomZu 2010

School furniture and interactive whiteboards live presents trier 11.11.2010 that 2010 is over KomZu Rheinland Pfalz, specialty supplier for whiteboards, school furniture and school equipment Lauer direct can look back on a successful participation in the exhibition in Trier on 8 and 9 November with an own booth. The regional trade fair focuses on the presentation of practical solutions for… (more…)

IT Service Provider With Weaknesses In The Skills And Resource Management

ORGA survey: comparison of successful and bad projects revealed significant shortcomings in the control functions only every tenth service providers can schedule button, resources and project progress to determine Karlsruhe, 07.04.2009 – IT service provider with successfully completed projects is characterised by a much better skill, resource, and project management. The survey of the IT providers ORGA GmbH 207 IT… (more…)