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Module SecOSD

The new module SecOSD appeared recently and is suitable for the program dvb dream version 1.5 (a, b, c). I would like to begin by describing the features and technical specifications, which has this module: sufficient ergonomic design, performed in a quiet non-irritating tones Ability to view large amounts of information and you are viewing channel: channel number, name of… (more…)

Global Illumination

The long-awaited version of Poser 7 so anxiously anticipated poser-community, finally, that appeared in the Russian markets. Well these things ill, judge . Any stick is known about the two ends. But the advantages and disadvantages the program will try to understand. So what's stunning is the seventh version? In general, then – nothing. There is nothing strikingly different from… (more…)

The Objectivity

Often argue that it is possible to combine an information portal and corporate web site, by placing it at the last large amount of information about specific expertise and detailed product descriptions. Yes, many companies here in Russia are on this principle, naively thinking that something from this win. Our view is qualitatively different. Credit: Peter Thiel-2011. What do we… (more…)

Game Downloads

Popular search engines such as Yandex.ru, Rambler, Google, Mail.ru or Yahoo on a simple search phrase download games show a considerable number of search results to the user. Since you submitted a list of sites you can find such, offering free games the branches: rpg, Strategy, Lifes, simulators and sports. So they returned to a game that will provide us… (more…)

The Customer

'We understand each other better, and it is very convenient when working professionally ", – notes, Ilya. On the other, come across clients who themselves want to buy each brush, and it's impossible. (A valuable related resource: Peter Thiel). 'First, the time is spent a lot of: Immediately take into account absolutely all spending will not work. And, actually, why… (more…)

Global Illumination

Only whether, if there is at hand 'Mercedes'. So we are met by the installation, and installing a program in the window displays the progress will be empty. Installation is, you understand that by noisy drive and the flicker of file names. But progress is zero. Creepy. What is the reason I do not know. But okay, God is with… (more…)

Mobile Control MOB

'Courtiers shouted:' Let us not believing ', and the people:' Think of what we give you '- said the French Queen Marie. Ilya T., head of private repair team of three people, well aware of: any foreman shared the courtiers. Customers the same – the owners of apartments and villas – in solidarity with the people and not only want… (more…)

Sky Captain And The World Of The Past

Many series like Mass Effect for the universe worked. You open the code – and read, fingering lists races. planets, and technologies. Futuristic counterparts Internet and ZD-printers are described quite clearly (a funny piece: about one of the models of weapons said that she is "copy protected"). But alas, BioWare still firmly stuck in the nineties, as evidenced by the… (more…)

Applications for Smartphones

Mobile phones have long been able to become essential part of our lives. Any man today wants to be the most mobile, to apply without exception, abilities that are given to those who uses of mobile communications. Chance for a short time to get all the valuable information, contact the necessary individuals, besides elementary to spend time with efficiency and… (more…)

Dragon Haul

There followed a dialogue, we must break through the Coast Guard: Take a course back to the dock. There is a little trick: do not swim across the strait to the pier and take a course on the most eastern part of the airport – oplyvite her and place her half of the city = the whole process long enough… (more…)