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The Professor

To reflect the practical one is presented, then, with two complementary aspects: in lower court to unite practical theory and on the other hand, to reflect practical, adopting as the perspective one the inherent possibility of construction of a new to know. To teach, then, she is necessary, to congregate comment, reflection, research, orientation and dialgo, and in such a… (more…)

Brazil Population

Sustainable cities the trucks of laborers came of all part of Brazil wanting to collaborate, thinking that they went to find the land of the promission, and are back in the cities satellites, so poor how much before. It is not enough to make a modern city; she is necessary to change the society. This is that it is important.… (more…)

Power Seller Platinum

Ebay has proven time and again that one mans junks is another Mans Treasure therefore not assume that your cracked Gia pet sitting on the rear deck of the cabinet that will not make a woman in Kentucky Gia pet colletion complete There are some pitfalls and sand traps on sale on eBay Beware of snipers dubious and cunning Shooter… (more…)

Sidereal Astrology

It did not work in the past, and, unfortunately, does not work today. Today, for everybody knows that the planets of our solar system orbit the sun And then, why keep linking their influence with a geocentric perspective, as does the astrology? You may be thinking, "Is my computer astrology program does not prepare a divine image, as well as… (more…)

Amarildo Menezes Gonzaga

Suzana rose Baptist Farias1 AldLcia Macedo of the Santos2 Pablo Jose Almeida de Souza3 Amarildo Menezes Gonzaga3 SUMMARY This work displays the triangulation of three workmanships published for the authors: Basarab Nicolescu, the Manifesto of the Transdisciplinaridade; Mrio Osrio Marques, Education in Sciences and Bernardes Joo of the Rock Son et al., Transdisciplinaridade: The close nature of the scientific education… (more…)

Personal Growth

If you are not happy with at least something in your life, then this training – for you. It is designed to increase your success in different spheres of life. System 'effect' – a unique computer program that has no analogues in Russia and foreign markets. This is your personal coach on the way to the necessary changes. With it… (more…)


A man with a pain is much more elegant? Many people, as I, love poetry. for liking in such a way, finishes writing some poems, is atrevem in seara of verses and the feelings disclosed in the words or, many times, only suggested for them, a time that, as already &#039 said somebody of weight in this subject; ' The… (more…)