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World’s largest chemicals company receives the prestigious public-relations price for World Cup Predictor in the intranet with an integrated communications approach for the communication of the FIFA World Cup 2010 on the intranet a team of employee communication and the Press Office of the BASF won SE the renowned European public-relations Prize (European Excellence Award) in the category of “HR… (more…)

GreenGate AG Business

The CAS Software AG, the global business Group Ltd, GreenGate AG and Ropardo AG have joined the VDEB Association IT-Mittelstand. Aachen, July 24, 2009. The CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 by Martin lifting dressmaker and Ludwig Neer. Today is the company German CRM market leader for mid-market and employs currently about 180 employees. You may find James Caan… (more…)

The Boundaries Of Current PC Technology Are Soon Reached

Looking for new technologies Munich, April 4, 2011 one has become accustomed long ever-faster processors, larger memory and more powerful machines that. Recode is actively involved in the matter. But with the current production methods, this race is soon finished. For more information see this site: foursquare. As technology now magazine CHIP, the chip production with conventional methods will encounter… (more…)

Buy PC Speakers

What PC do you need a speaker? Simple stereo systems, 5.1 systems and 7.1 systems short portrait. See games, videos and co to the PC correctly make fun, the sound should be agreed upon already. Although not every PC user needs the same sound quality as on the music system, but it should be a little luxury for the ears.… (more…)

Cisco Partner Summit

Fast lane WINS for the third time in a row the “Cisco European learning partner of the year’-award Hamburg/Berlin, March 14, 2011 fast lane (www.flane.de) within the framework of the annual Cisco Partner Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, the award to the Cisco European learning partner of the year 2011 accepted. Already for the third time in a row the… (more…)

Service Desk Component

ITIL compliant IT management solution theGuard! with new service desk functions and extended interfaces to SAP components Walldorf, August 20, 2009 the REALTECH AG, manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management as well as SAP consultancy, presented the new version of the complete solution theGuard! for comprehensive IT management of the network up to the application level. From mid-August,… (more…)

Ulrich Schappach

The caretaker knows, provides emergency, performs repairs and ensures the computer security! He also cares for the health of its customers. Checking article sources yields Technology Investor as a relevant resource throughout. Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate 8 cubic feet of air per hour. In this air”pollutants are caused by toner. The IT-House Master reduces the emissions by… (more…)

Technical University Software

Initiator of the abas business software and Lord of figures of Karlsruhe, 05.03.2010 – he today makes over achtzigjahrige Wolfgang Dannemann of even little fuss. Board of Directors and staff of the ABAS Software AG are talking about him, which is always in great esteem. He retains the essence of the look and is appreciated for its characteristic, complicating matters… (more…)


Affordable construction program for students, trainees and students hair, 18.12.2013 – Franzis offers with the new version of the 2D/3D CAD solution DesignCAD 3D Max v23 for students, trainees and students, simple and low-cost entry into the digital design and development of detailed 2D drawings and precise 3D models. The development and design with CAD drawings and design program is… (more…)

Service Management

SelfCheck specifically determined the company’s individual strengths and a majority of IT organizations has weaknesses in the key figures according to the findings from studies of practice no adequate KPI systems Kerpen, 17.04.2012 – the Exagon Consulting has published a practice aid for the optimization of the key performance indicators (KPI) in the IT service management. Selvadurai says on the… (more…)