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New Information Service

An information service for the patients from the Rhein-Erft-Kreis, the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Aachen and all cities and towns in the district as a dental patient, you know the problem: when discussing the treatment plan for larger measures, for example, dental prosthesis, the dentist establishes the direction of the conversation. Not all terms are immediately to understand the patient,… (more…)

Height Console

Positive: a large assortment of storage. Low cost of shelving. Direct access to all products. Negative: required aisle racks (usually from 1m). 3. Saving storage for long-length storage of long goods used cantilever racks. This type of shelving consists of two main elements – the rack and the console, which it is attached. For greater efficiency of use as one-sided… (more…)

Design Of Fiber Optic

When designing a fiber-optic (fiber-optic communication lines) should immediately answer the following questions: 1. Characteristics of the signal to be broadcast via fiber-optic 2. Distance signal transmission over fiber optic 3. Route fiber-optic cable (in the sewers, open, etc.) 4. Is there a connection to a particular type of active equipment, 5. Is there an existing fiber-optic line that needs… (more…)

Historical Sales Record

Bodegas PROTOS group bat its historical record of sales in 2010 this increase in sales translates into more than 5 million bottles marketed in 87 countries group Bodegas Protos bat its historical record of sales volume and turnover with increments of 15% over the year 2009. This figure is even more significant in these difficult times for the global economy.… (more…)

The Time

Significant savings are achieved by reducing the time curing coatings due to high speeds and because the single-layer drying of powder coating is made once, compared with a multiple-drying in the case of conventional multilayer coatings. Powder coating is cured for 30 minutes. It is possible to obtain thick-layer coatings (due to 100% strength of dry matter) instead of more… (more…)

Comco Board Control

Network access control (NAC) has published a guide on the topic of Dortmund-based security specialist COMCO AG. Dortmund, February 26, 2008 This full colour practice aid questioned current technical standards, as typically used in solutions for access to the networks, and is called alternative approaches. In addition, the ten most important and mission-critical requirements in access control systems are represented.… (more…)

Network Monitor

The collected Data can be used specifically for measures with respect to the performance. Already with the freeware version of PRTG, which supports 10 sensors, such a solution is used up. All necessary features are included in the free version. See prtg_demo to see a map produced by PRTG is the Paessler Web page shows the graphs with the current… (more…)

Network Part Market

Enermax launches worldwide sales of the new power supply series Revolution85 +. Hamburg, November 10, 2008 – the name says it: Revolution85 +, the new power supply series, the Enermax brings in December 2008 on the market, offers trend-setting innovations. It is the beginning of a new generation of high-performance power supplies with more than green paint. As one of… (more…)

British Superconductor

German technology revolutionises the electricity grid: the nationwide collapse of electricity networks by overloading superconducting current limiters can counteract with clever technology against blackouts. The innovative technology is now ready for the market; This winter the Nexans SuperConductors GmbH (NSC), Hurth, delivered the world’s first commercial device of its kind in the British company applied superconductor limited (ASL), Blyth. ASL… (more…)