Advantageous Computer

When buying a computer, most users are mainly in this way – visit a computer store, consult with the sellers, and then after a short period of time, choose the existing configuration computer or bought a set of variant parts. But from the perspective of an experienced, much more important is often self-assembly version of the pc of a set purchased separately components. Here are a few advantages: * the optimal selection of components for your needs. * A thorough knowledge of the hardware components of a pc. * Simplification of repair parts pc, since you can remove the device, rather than take the whole system unit in a warranty center firm and does not expect a few weeks, the end of repair or replacement. * Savings.

How can we obtain the savings? When you come into the store and see the price conditionally suitable for you computer (conventionally – because it is not the fact that the computer meets your needs), this price includes:% build a computer from spare parts + shop% margin, generally the percentage of assembly from 5-10% of the cost of components and the percentage of shopping margins of 10-20% of the cost of the computer. Ie Coming to a store on the computer, you overpay 30% of the total value of the computer. Some stores% is more because the consultant to this product, too, wants to eat. In general, shops, computers are on the stands with low-quality assembly. How to identify? * When renting a side wall of the system unit, wires hanging randomly (can bulge outward), are not cleaned properly. Consequences after such a build: 1. Disabling a cpu cooler by hitting the wires in the cooler! 2.

Prevents cooling (blowing) of the entire system (if you do not have water cool)! How? The fact that the warm air lingers in the system unit, thereby increasing the percentage of curing thermal grease located between the heatsink and cpu. Can further capacitors on the motherboard which is practically next sokketa. 3. There were cases of grabbing the wires psu fan blades. (Along the way, the wires were faulty psu.) 4. Hit the wires in the cooler video card with active cooling. (Usually video cards are burned in 10-20 seconds. If you have an application with the capacious graphics). In such cases, the user has a computer in warranty which provides the same shop, or begins to understand himself, taking the side wall sistemnik thus saying goodbye to the warranty shop.

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