iPhone 4 Expectations

What began as a case of success, 1,7 million units sold during the four first days, threatens becoming the greater disaster of the history of Apple. The company I summon morning 16/julio/2010 to the press to clarify the supposed problems of reception of iPhone 4, while it is speculated on on a possible massive substitution of the telephones already sold. Apple has denied that had certainty of the problem before sending the terminal to the market, and from the competition to the humorists they continue throwing firewood to the fire. Again Apple falls in stock-market of values by the hard received mass media criticisms diverse, between but the outstanding ones they appear the different magazines from the consumer of the United States, and also the technological giants especially the direct rivals but of Apple eg: Google, Nokia, HP, Adobe, own Microsoft among others. Apparently the experencia of Apple that it had in the past with his Macintosh systems that were diesmada by the arrival of Windows of Microsoft, I do not contribute anything to the equipment of this company to avoid one recida in that type of errors, that return again to fall in expeculaciones on their products, that threaten to supplant to the multinational again.? By Leonel Morals.

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