PRTG Network Monitor – Network Optimization And Monitoring From A Single Source

Network management software ‘pull out all the stops’ Nuremberg, February 26, 2009 modern network monitoring software is a valuable strategic tool to collect data on the availability and bandwidth, and utilization and to evaluate. Often, such a solution is however used only to monitor the network, to warn in time for outages or shortages. PRTG network monitor by Paessler also includes a wide range of useful features that serve to optimize the network targeted. So the investment can in new hardware or a virtualized environment based on long-term collected data and detailed analysis be more efficiently planned and implemented. The reasons for any delays in the network are manifold the consequences often same: apart from the personal trouble there are extended delays, system failures and loss of productivity. A 100-percent certain hardware resource utilization is often the cause. Here is quick action demand, because even a virus or a malware are potential triggers for performance drops in the network.

PRTG continuously monitors the network and alerts the controller in real time. Long-term monitoring as a basis of the optimization the powerful network monitoring solution from Paessler long-term also collects data about utilization of processors and memory, free disk space, as well as values to the stress lines or traffic. Optimisation potential lies in the monitoring of bandwidth. So PRTG network can monitor, for example, from data collected in the long term to determine whether insufficient bandwidth is the reason for periodic bottlenecks, or whether these are caused only by automated backups. As a result, you can here often through a temporal shift of backups saved additional bandwidth and avoided such a costly upgrade.

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