Ukrainian TV

The first signs appeared online TV for a long time. But while it caused only a smile and misunderstanding. As it is, watch TV online? Admittedly, that was the cause. Both subjective and objective. Subjective costs include stereotypes that television alone, and the computer separately. A list of objective reasons to distrust online TV perhaps much longer. To them we shall discuss in more detail.

The first reason – Internet channels. Broadband is good enough for comfortable viewing of TV began to grow in popularity recently. And even then, mainly in large cities. At the same modem that is not the video look real time there and listen to the radio problematic. Now this problem can be considered partly solved. And more and more users for it to be solved. The second reason, which can partly be attributed to the subjective, but which is so significant, that I'll take it to the objective.

A small number of channels on the Internet at an early stage. If there are only a couple, there's no need 'to click the remote control' in search of interesting things. In the absence of such a choice version of the online TV becomes uninteresting. To date, this problem is solved in my opinion. For example, for the Ukrainian TV channels, is to go to the appropriate section of online TV in Ukraine and bring to your attention appear two dozen television stations. Similarly to other countries and styles. The third reason – limits providers. This includes two problems. On the capacity of servers to encode high quality video and good compression in the real-time. And the channels for ISPs, which, although wider than average men, but still not the rubber. Fortunately this problem is now solved, too. There are even specialized service providers who are engaged in this broadcast TV on the Internet. Because there are already channels that if you have a fairly wide channel will enjoy high quality picture. For example, channel gamma-line in the presence of the channel in two half megabit can freely watch it full screen without any problems with picture quality. Thus, the basic problems that are at the dawn of online TV, is now partially or completely resolved. AND soon to watch programs on Online TV can be for us in the same familiar, like watching TV at dinner.

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