Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising – a kind of dynamic advertising that is displayed on the site in accordance with the subject of the page on which it was placed. The best known and most popular contextual advertising, working in the Russian part of the Internet include Google AdSense, Begun, Yandex. Let us consider the principle of operation of these systems. All party content can be divided into two groups: advertisers and advertising platforms. For advertisers are webmasters who have commercial projects and wishing to sell their products / services, advertising on other sites.

Advertising sites – those webmasters who wish to earn advertising these products / services on their own resources. Contextual advertising act as intermediaries. They also assume responsibility for the selection of high quality and interesting to the advertiser sites. We consider the principle work content of the advertising site. After all, we are interested in the first place, earning on your site, where we're going to advertise. As previously mentioned contextual advertising – is dynamic advertising. What does this mean? Let's look at an example. Suppose you have a page, say about hamsters.

After placing an ad unit code on your website periodically enter special robots (bots) that analyze the entire text of the page. Based on this analysis selected those advertisements that are most relevant to your page (they are relevant). Ie In our case, you will be posted on the website advertising associated with hamsters, or close topics (subject to availability of advertisers on this topic).

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