Cultural Network

Munich Gallery art treatment, which linked the idea comes from Zerah Spindler, who describes himself as “Event Generatorin” in your myspace profile. In 2008, the city of Munich has celebrated its 850th birthday elaborately and with many events. Under the title “Munich 851” is more celebrated this year. Where is the networking of the Munich-based artists at the Center, which is organized through the instruments of the social Web. Central point in the network is the page muenchen851 from may until October of this year various events under the umbrella brand “Munich 851” will enrich the cultural life of Munich The art treatment as first gallery participates in “Munich 851”. “Our concept belongs to since the art treatment, that we offer a platform also newcomers and exhibit not only the works of established art sheep fender.”, so the exhibition organisers of the Munich Muller road. “Munich 851”, the Gallery is in the summer of 2009, with a tribute to “the northernmost city Participate in Italy”. These will go across genre boundaries: in addition to the exhibition, various evening events are planned where the performing arts will come to train.

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