Falomei, The Exclusive Line For Fresh Cosmetics

Natural fresh cosmetics order made to take care of, is the essence of the philosophy of our company manufactures a small company in miles since 2006 in the own laboratory products for face and body care for him and her. The skin is more than a living packing, a natural cosmetics is a true multi-talent, made from natural, skin-friendly ingredients which wife’s expecting these advantages from a skin care line? While commercially available cosmetic products often contain alcohol, synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, animal substances, paraffin and other petroleum products, which have no business in the field of skin care. We speak those ladies and gentlemen, with their early 2006 launched label Falomei, who knowingly buy, not only in the food sector, but also in cosmetics. Our mission is to produce high-quality and well tolerated facial and body care products, and this on the basis of vegetable oils, the skin well recorded and can be recycled. Will, deliberately with the exception of beeswax, on the use of animal raw materials. Whenever possible only raw materials from controlled organic farming uses. About almond, jojoba or apricot kernel oil, which enriched with Marigold and lime extracts, promote the healthy balance of the skin and support come to the application.

Unique service of fresh natural cosmetics is nothing new but, they exist but also from other Swiss manufacturers. We have heard but until now by any company that manufactures only to order cosmetic products and thus guarantees the unique freshness, we offer with our line. Thus, we establish the launch of Falomei. The entire production, from the soft and gentle processing of raw materials through the filling, sealing and coding up to the delivery, takes place in the laboratory for modern miles. Natural fresh cosmetics from in-house production of pampering you your skin with Falomei, the natural Balance of the skin supports and promotes the current customer white that he can support wildlife and environment with his buying behavior.

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