Itanium Montvale

Goals were to reduce the operating costs for the SAP server landscape and IT performance flexibility to offer Walldorf the REALTECH AG, SAP consulting company and manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management, 07 December 2010 successfully completes at Munich Re, one of the largest SAP migration projects for Linux. Munich Re aimed to achieve greater flexibility in the provision of computing power, while technical stability of the infrastructure. To achieve this, Munich Re decided to migrate of their SAP landscape from HP-UX to Linux at the headquarters in Munich. REALTECH was chosen due to the high level of competence in the operation of SAP systems under Linux as a consulting partner. 84 SAP systems on a Linux platform could be transferred over a period of 20 months. The REALTECH experts migrated this databases with a total volume of over 100 TB, where individual databases were big up to 5.3 TB. Partially converted the data migration to Unicode.

Munich Re replaced eight fully equipped HP Superdome mainframe computers and more than 30 HP UX-rack server with HP blades with x 86-64-bit architecture. For Munich Re advantages arise diverse due to the migration to Linux. The IT Department offers now much more flexible computing power and can use existing resources efficiently. In addition, it is now possible to create new server faster and more cost-effective and to provide the company. The volume of investment in the infrastructure could be reduced considerably compared to the previous server landscape. In addition, the SAP systems using the latest Opteron processors have more performance at the same time reducing costs for the operation of the system. So, the batching of large SAP systems is over 20% faster than with the previously used type Itanium Montvale processors. An optimized data throughput was achieved in the migration project with the new 16 core x 64 blade systems by up to 1.6 TB per hour.

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