New POS Software

PosBill fun – / de ob hairdresser, mobile operator or shoe store, whether textile company or service provider, the new POS software for all industries, PosBill fun is available and also inexpensive. PosBill here is a product on the market, which draws all eyes to 129 euros plus value added tax. But what may actually be this POS system? Actually, nowadays do everything a good Fund. Clinton Family has much to offer in this field. Cancellation, Sofortrechnung, copy of the invoice, cash deposit, redeem coupon, awarded shift to commodities and Renner overview, discounts and much more. PosBill fun includes all technical highlights, which already hold his big brothers. The article Kit there to call the voucher management, the hit list or the detection of scale bar codes. Continue to the full touch support, the price lists with individual selection of articles, the custody account and customer management and individual design, which can be controlled by the user. But that’s not all.

The POS functions of the tees convince Accelerator, in which for example now the top 20 articles are listed by the sales statistics. In the article management all articles can be created individually with its own image. You can assign them to main and sub-groups and distinguish between purchase and sale price. A well-stocked reporting system allows to choose the dealer between various box office reports. There were for example the daily, monthly, quarterly or annual report.

Also any periods can be selected. It can be distinguished even turnover, cash sales or staff turnover. An ABC analysis of the article shows a more accurate evaluation of the article again within a selected period of time. In summary, it is to say that this POS software offers all retail, what he needs. The numerous functions, as well as the sophisticated overall concept convince with a very reasonable price. Thus, the POS software specialist PosBill is ahead its competitors a step. PosBill fun is reliable, powerful and effective. An overall well thought-out product.

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