Shaker Shaker (from the English. Shake – shake) – a device for the manufacture of beverages and cocktails by the shaking. Most-shaker for 75% filled with ice. Most shakers are made of metal, but there are plastic and even glass model. Shakers are 2 kinds: Cobbler (Europe) – consists of 3 parts (bowl, filter and cover). Boston (USA) – consists of 2 parts (glass and metal). These shakers enjoyed back in nachel 19 th century (!), But in our days bartenders prefer.

The best option when choosing a shaker. Boston Shaker – best option. There are no additional tsatsok no, ideally a measuring cup (large), perfect size the neck to the same steel canister (and inserted into it without gaps). Provides maximum comfort with minimum loss of agitation. Sieve (strainer) must have a separate (and preferably with a spring – that is to say not julep strainer, a hawthorn strainer), and pouring a drink just to impose it on the open-shaker. Special chic – to pour out of Boston without the filter, simply through the slightly opened a crack between the glass – but for the first time it is not recommended.

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