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Simone Game

Before proceeding directly to the passage, I will explain a few things. 1) The game is laid three versions of events – two at the end of each of the options, depending on your actions. The "book" version Development: humanoids – it's Moses and Luarvik, robots – Olga and Olaf. In an alternative: the humanoids – du Barnstokr and Luarvik,… (more…)

Photoshop Textures

In the high-quality 3d model of the proportions, shapes, curves are transferred accurately. Texturing. In order to 3d models were colored, textured, two-dimensional graphics program such as Photoshop or Corel, drawn, or rather produced a texture map. Inventions in the field texturing not less than any other. Multitexturing, texture compression, maps, reflection, refraction, dispersion … Much has been devised ways… (more…)

Printer Stops Printing

Question: "Everything was normal, then the printer zazheval sheet of paper and after his recovery stopped printing .. ' The answer is' In my experience – is one of the most frequent cases. Solve the problem: 1. Turn off the printer on the network el.pitaniya, extract misfeed. You should make sure that we fully recovered and not left in any… (more…)

Online Puzzle

Very much like to make an image of the individual fragments. It is this class and is assembling a puzzle or just a puzzle. What is the current computer on-line puzzles? We can say that this is a return to beginning, to an era which began with a total popularity of computer games. In recent years the market of PC… (more…)