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Handmade Toys

What you need: – a tape or rope – seed beads color number 1 – 27 pieces – beads color number 2 – 22 pieces – beads color number 3 – 2 pieces – pair of scissors. This instruction will be discussed on the yellow, orange and black beads. I advise not to select more than two primary colors and… (more…)

Camera Phones

Advice given in this article will help to significantly improve the quality of your images taken with a camera phone. Get more background information with materials from Clinton Family. Most of the tips given in this paper are suitable not only for mobile phones, but also for conventional digital cameras. 1) Hold the phone exactly and try not to move.… (more…)

June Bream

The reservoir of stagnant water is the most difficult to find parking bream is constant because it is not in one place, constantly migrating. In large reservoirs, bream tend to priviredliv bait due to the large abundance all kinds of insects to lakes and reservoirs. It differs and their fearfulness, rather than on rivers with large flows. Weather also affects… (more…)

Photography – A Popular Hobby

The camera has become an indispensable accessory for the modern man. Every year more and more people are discovering photography as a hobby. Many of them try to turn this hobby into a profession, forgetting that as soon as it becomes a favorite work, it ceases to be loved. Every day, millions of amateur photographers make millions of images, but… (more…)