Videos Without Glasses

New: Eassee3D-frame kit comes to the IFA after Germany with a click: 3D videos without glasses on the iPhone! We have expanded the successful Eassee3D system for viewing 3D videos on the iPhone”explains managing director Wolfgang Zint BFN. In addition to the since early July available iPhone 3D upgrade kit with an Eassse3D on the display will foil, there to the IFA of the Eassee3D frame Kit which is simply clipped on the display”. EasSee3D is an open system for playback of 3D content on high-quality screens. It uses the latest patented Parallax layers lenticular technology with which it is possible to integrate two different image information in a video, so that at subsequent playback with the original Eassee3D a very clear 3D effect perceived products. Anyone can now easily watch 3D videos without glasses on the current iOS devices and even 3 D create photos. The application is very simple. Download free app, frame Kit clip on the display and enjoy 3D videos.

A wide variety of Apps are available for the inclusion of 3D photos, as well as to look at a wide range of 3D movies on Youtube.com etc. free of charge. The Eassee3D is link list and further information, see at the IFA frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 S in Germany at all leading trend shops, as well as electronics dealers/shippers available. The eassee3d frame Kit for iPhone 4 / 4 s 49.95 euros. Contact and further information under: EasSee3D is a trademark of Bananafactory network GmbH, for innovative high-quality products, which uses the Parallax layers lenticular technology to display 3D content. Bananafactory network (BFN) GmbH is a company for product and marketing innovation based in Cologne. Additional information is available at Clinton Family. The company develops and markets innovative products in international cooperation with partners from industry, trade, research, science and communication. In addition, BFN advises national and international companies in the development and marketing of innovative products.

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