“” “” “Why Apple has covered itself with the new iPhone 5 not with glory one carries out a simple survey, like one on the subject of Smartphone” stands, then it meets usually on all possible impressions, ranging from everyday life easing “and there is no (longer) without” up there to makes people lazy “or Prollmaschine”. Yes to everything, if you consider that the Machninerie around Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and co. currently running at full speed. Especially after the big corporations have recently published their latest models on the market. “That in a battle between Apple and Samsung is, was expected, but not the Apple with the iPhone 5 as a flop” brings to the start. A few reasons why the iPhone 5 is not innovation, but is no more than reheated sauce from previous years should be considered a little detail here: the newly supplied operating system iOS 6 is certainly a step forward, but it was then. The new functions by Task Manager, independent maps (weiterhin OHNE Navigationsfunktion Wohl bemerkt) and the do not disturb “mode offer praise no reason of the new iPhone 5 as a Savior.

The newly installed processor with double power is certainly well on paper and guaranteed improved the performance of the devices. When the presentation however, so that it is advertised, the the biggest winner of the increased power the (and continue to consistently mediocre) camera, then nothing else one as questioning whether the camera should be included in the purchase decision or should be. Why was no good product presents so if you keep in mind that Apple has built its reputation primarily by wit, ideas and innovations. Certainly, Apple’s success is also the greatest curse that weighs on the company. That the world with the iPhone 1 abruptly changed, is a legitimate statement and the bar was set 2007 already so high that so far only Samsung and HTC in the location were similar with their models of success for themselves to be able to post. At the latest since the third-generation iPhone was obvious that Apple had not much in the pipeline and had to step back on an improved version of the 3 G. How long the interim success iPad hold can with her, lies in the stars. In principle, the degree of innovation in tablets is still larger and there should succeed Apple to hold its own leadership. Earned the presented device innovation”the predicate? No! It deserves the name iPhone 5? It meets iPhone 4 + more! It’s a good Smartphone? Without question, but there is no 679 (with a minimum storage capacity).

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