Gilka Girardello

In Brazil, today, already the production in the field of the relation is very expressive communication and youth, mainly in a line critical and/or directed to the education toward the medias in Radio WEB. The cultural production of the pupils with the work in Radio WEB provides a learning capable to modify the elements formadores of the criticidade, transforming them into citizens with firm and solid positions. According to Gilka Girardello (2006), the agreement of the child and the young one as agent of the social culture and as subject … is in the base of a critical movement that, from the Convention of the ONU on the Rights of the Child in 1989, comes also thinking the rights of the child about the fields of the education and the communication. This movement affirms that the children and young have right to the Provision (she offers of information and diversified cultural products and quality); to the Protection (against harmful products to its development); to the Participation (the right to also be able to produce culture in full way) (GIRARDELLO, 2006, p.01). The pupil, producer of information and culture, larded with the use of medias contemporaries, meet in the nervous center of its fidgets, and place it as generating of ideas, concepts that will go to be transmitted to other young and other people. The miditico vehicle, as Radio WEB, provides to this language and act, the young creates materials that symbolize its questionings, its conclusions and leads to an interaction with the life of more direct form. The technological evolution brought a bigger interaction between the people, and provides, of fast form, a bigger agreement of the learning process. Through these technological and cultural changes, it adds introduction of interaction between the concepts that the young studies, transfigurando the scene of the communications of the last decade. This concept associates it imagination concept, that is inserted clearly, or looks for to insert itself, in a plan, more complex, philosophical, for very beyond the technique or of the market, usually associates it.

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