Child were fan of the popular ladrillitos of plastic? These innovative headphones Lego style are for you. The popular brand of creative toys that lets you build things amalgamating small bricks together served as inspiration for designing these accessories so you can look and feel really geek. There is almost no child who has not been seduced by buckets containing the ladrillitos of colors of signature Lego, which allowed us to explore and desarrillar our creativity building things. From houses, bridges and robots, to cars, spaceships and a host of other things. Your imagination and the desire to have fun were the limits. In fact this popular toy has become the symbol of generations and the representation of a golden age that many miss. This has been source of inspiration for many technology companies to design gadgets that return us to these eras emulating popular bricks. Thus, USB flash drives, cameras and many others have appeared Accessories for fans only.

Because just thinking about them, the Gadget4all store is promoting headphone type Lego for your mp4, iPhone or any other music player. Their fun colors and design itself, is without doubt an attraction that will attract glances, which will also break with classical monotony technological present it all in black and white. And the headphones do not save it. The Lego-auriculares come in the following colors: red, green, pink, black and blue. They also bring a standard 3.5 mm jack. No doubt that when you use them, attract all eyes and attention, especially from those who once worshipped spend time playing with these instructional toys. Headphones type Lego initial price is US $10, however, the online store that sells them, is promoting its acquisition with a $3 rebate.

Lego bricks were created in the 1950s by a Danish firm that bears the same name and has the peculiarity of having a kind of buttons in high relief which allowed to interconnect them with another, and things go thus forming. The popularity and contribution of this game to the creative and intellectual development of children allowed that this game was included as part of educational programs. This game has also been inspiration for artistic skills. Numerous contests of lego bricks have been organized to test the creativity and imagination of children and youth in the large-scale production of cities, large scale objects that have come to cause global astonishment.

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