Media Markt

So pulling the money out of your pocket, without thereby provide real added value to buy nowadays new accessories for your own computer, or even your own small home theater, so it is usually overwhelmed with the abundance of products. Some days ago I wanted to buy just a cheap cable at a nearby Media Markt, the screen of my TV to connect my graphic card. Price 39.99 I became immediately skeptical and decided in the short term, to do some research first. Fortunately I had my phone in my pocket and my concerns were borne out: at Amazon, such a cable costs only 7.99. What is so tuned to the more expensive cables, is pure usury rates or these actually offer an advantage? After some research, I began making even the test. Bought was both a cheap cable from the Amazon: “AmazonBasic high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet” as also a HDMI cable of brand Oehlbach named “real matrix MKII”, which in the online Trade 36,70 costs. Therefore bought online, since I could exchange the worse cable in this case.

The processing of both the Amazon cable as also the Oehlbach cable are very elegant. The Oehlbach cable is characterized by a grey black striped pattern and therefore not quite so discreetly disappears into the background like the more neutral black Amazon cable. The Oehlbach cable has gold-plated cable as its competitor. The plug of the Oehlbach cable looks from the outside of high-quality, through the lighter metallic color but not so quietly disappearing on the TV. Ultimately, I must confess here the point the lower cable because it arrives at accessories of less on a striking design as on the reluctance, finally, a cable to steal the show not the screen. The shield here both cables work fine. No cable I have to determine a fault of other cables in the district.

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