Olga Nedelin

It was reported that spending in parts of the construction and repair of roads will be reduced by about 15 percent. However, it was announced that the cost of the work will be reduced without detriment to the quality and quantity, and due to a general fall in prices, including the market value of the materials. None less leaked rumors and semi-official statements by government officials to reduce program on road maintenance, as well as for their construction. As part of the development activities to increase employment have been identified in 1915 types of public works related to the improvement of federal roads. In its mass is unskilled labor, however, is important in terms of rising unemployment.

As for plans to build roads in the current year, no less vigorously report the selected sites overall plan for construction of pavement and almost no mention of reduction in general construction and maintenance. However, the experts, in addition to reducing financing costs, also called a number of other failures of Russia's road program. "Traditionally, in Russia the process of repairing roads causes a number of complaints, the main cause of which is the fact that prior to his direct appointment reaches only a portion of funds allocated for these purposes, and the rest ends up in blind alleys of financial schemes, – says the president of the Guild of automotive journalists Olga Nedelina. – But there are other reasons for the eternal potholes, including outdated technology projects and road works. For example, in America, when designing a new road is laid a 25-year life of the roadway. At the same time takes into account such different factors as further increase in load on the road because of the increasing movement of vehicles, as well as the possible expansion of the road through the development of road infrastructure. " According to Olga Nedelin our road builders should pay attention to the experience of their American counterparts. In particular, she said, it is effectively running the following scheme: when a motorist drives past a damaged section of road, he reported to the nearest department service surveillance of the roads.

All telephone calls are recorded on tape, so in the future to "forget" such a call is not possible. Without any command from above on the damaged leaves special team which restores the road surface. In this case, the account goes on the clock, because if another motorist gets into an accident because of damage to roads, which the previous driver had already told road builders, then the protection of Motorist injured stand lawyers and will roll out a bill for material and moral damage, that does not seem little to anyone. "We also simply do not have such schemes" – sums up Olga Nedelina.

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