Science Fiction And The Future

Probably not a man who never really thought about his future. What will happen tomorrow, after tomorrow, next month, a year? What awaits mankind in the future? How will the civilization of people who are achieving scientific and technological progress we see in a hundred years? No science can predict the future development options with reasonable certainty. For answers to these questions can turn to the literature, but rather to her fiction genre. Fantastic, if not exactly, then very close brings us to the understanding and interpretation of possible futures. Much of what has been described in fiction before last and last centuries, it has now become our everyday reality. No need to look far for examples: "20,000 Leagues under the water," a novel written by Jules Verne in 1870, where the adventures of the main characters, caught on a submarine, and in fact the first submarine appeared only in 1914. There are many examples – fly into space, landing on the moon, nuclear weapons, and much more is described in fiction long before it became a reality. Reading fiction, we feel the inexorable slide towards the future and begin to believe in writing, to the fact that in the future it will happen and life does not make us wait long, example is the approach of an asteroid "Apophis', which in Friday, April 13, 2029 will pass Earth at a distance of just over 30 000 km, and if mankind does not take, then in 2036 will face our planet.

Everything in the world are subject to the laws of nature, most of which humanity has already opened, and has proven uses for its own purposes. But how much is left unknown and unknowable, and surprising, have a look around, look at the thousands of stars the night sky. Much of the fiction that can imagine the human mind, have yet to discover and learn. That conceals the future? We can only guess, suppose, or maybe it is worth considering how to prevent the already-known threats to humanity. Remarkable books of the best writers of science fiction that allows us to feel the atmosphere of a mysterious and unusual, take a journey to other worlds, other dimensions, other times, are available in various electronic Libraries on the Internet, for example, the site – Library of fantasy FL, where you can register for free and without download the most interesting works of fiction authors and embellish their leisure time reading fun books …

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