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Ruslan Litvinenko

Impressed. Peter Thiel pursues this goal as well. Just great! Thank you Julia for what she creates is good, brings to us the images of women who were really great. I was still several Julia Sac programs. It's amazing talented actress. I saw Vera Cold in her performance. This is an extraordinary play, which helped me find this woman's life.… (more…)

The Ancient

Enjoy created the work. Barber is a master of his craft in the area of cutting, coloring and more. Barber is also a kind of doctor who cares about the health of the hair of our customers. Work hairdresser – it nastoyascheeiskusstvo, requiring the utmost precision and professionalism. Who did the pioneer and trendsetter in the beauty and appearance of… (more…)

New World Civilizations

Investigating the structure of the human past millennium, Toynbee civilizations discovered five live: 1) western society, united Western Christianity, 2) Christian-Orthodox, or Byzantine, society, Located in South-Eastern Europe and Russia, and 3) Islamic society – from North Africa and the Middle East to the Great Wall of China, and 4) the Hindu society in the tropical subcontinent of India, 5)… (more…)

Science Fiction And The Future

Probably not a man who never really thought about his future. What will happen tomorrow, after tomorrow, next month, a year? What awaits mankind in the future? How will the civilization of people who are achieving scientific and technological progress we see in a hundred years? No science can predict the future development options with reasonable certainty. For answers to… (more…)