Sky Captain And The World Of The Past

Many series like Mass Effect for the universe worked. You open the code – and read, fingering lists races. planets, and technologies. Futuristic counterparts Internet and ZD-printers are described quite clearly (a funny piece: about one of the models of weapons said that she is "copy protected"). But alas, BioWare still firmly stuck in the nineties, as evidenced by the few, but all the more offensive examples of unwarranted retroresheny. First things first – cracking safes.

We will not discuss why the brave captain to distract from the main tasks for the production of "easy money" if the organization behind it, ready to shell out billions for a resurrection of the hero, and then free give him an interstellar cruiser and easily part with doroguschy Space Station. However, the question on the filling: why Shepard before sending geological probes across the galaxy, do not go back and do not collect fragments of the station, where it remains for sure a lot of recyclable materials? But back to our safe. Shepard breaks them and finds out there loans. Electronic money. In an iron safe.

A feeling that Code author and designer, came up with this remarkable feature, never communicated with each other and saw each other except in the dining room BioWare. without knowing each other's face. "But role-playing games is always in locked chests lie the money!" Dear, the court of xxi century, and would be nice to you to refresh your design stereotypes, in accordance with the requirements of time, especially if the game you are doing, is devoted to "the beautiful far away." Another frankly stupid detail – the personal terminal Shepard.

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